Sleep care clinic

Sleep care clinic


Sleep is very essential to physical and mental well being. It is a restorative process that allows a person to be healthy and productive. Sleep problems are extremely common and are frequently overlooked, with millions suffering from problems that deprive them of necessary rest. Sleep Care Clinic is a unique comprehensive sleep center committed to excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. For patients suffering from sleep problems, we provide diagnosis and treatment services for all types of sleep disorders such as insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and even rare disorders such as sleep walking. For doctors, we are the trusted name in providing diagnostic services to help them manage their patients. We value their trust in our expertise, adherence to international standards and the use of high-end state-of-the-art equipment in all our services.

Sleep Tests at Sleep Care Clinic

Sleep Care Clinic offers a full range of sleep tests to diagnose all types of sleep disorders. This includes polysomnography (also known as a full sleep study) in the center or at home, actigraphy, sleep apnea screening tests, and video EEG. Introduction to the Sleep Lab A Polysomnography (or sleep study) done at the sleep lab is useful for: – diagnosing sleep apnea – identifying the cause of sleep disorders – identifying the cause of interrupted sleep – diagnosis of common and rare sleep disorders

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-A sleep study records several important physiologic variables during sleep such as brain waves (EEG), heart waves (ECG), air flow from the nose, respiration, snoring, muscle activity, blood oxygen levels. All sleep studies also include infra-red video camera monitoring. It is mainly used to diagnose Sleep Apnea, but can also help identify many other sleep disorders such as sleep walking, narcolepsy and pediatric sleep disorders. It is completely non-invasive and safe. Sleep Care Clinic is equipped to be a comfortable place in addition to being a scientific facility. Patient rooms have normal beds and equipment is hidden away to make the room feel more natural.

CPAP titration

Once diagnosed with obstructive apnea, your doctor may suggest continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. This requires that you spend a night at the clinic where our staff will test the optimum dose of CPAP that suits you during your sleep.


Using NASA technology, the actigraphy system can diagnose a wide range of sleep problems. It is worn on your wrist just like a watch and you keep it for at least one week. When you bring it back, the data for the whole week will be downloaded to the computer giving us a very detailed report of your sleep problem.

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Using a lightweight portable device that is worn as shown in the picture, a doctor visits you at home to show you how to put it on and use it. The next day you return it to the clinic to get your record analyzed. This test is an excellent and simple way to know if you have sleep apnea and need further testing and treatment.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

The Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) is a special test used in the diagnosis of narcolepsy (irresistable sleep attacks). The test is done during the day and takes between 4-6 hours. The patient is asked to try to sleep during the day and the sensors record whether or not he/she will fall asleep and if there is REM sleep at the onset of sleep. The Maintainence of Wakefulness (MWT) is another special test related to MSLT but is used in investigating daytime sleepiness. It tests the ability to maintain wakefulness during the day. The test is also done during the day and takes between 4-6 hours.

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