Epilepsy is a common condition in all ages especially children. Modern diagnosis and treatment has transformed epilepsy from a devastating illness to one that can be well-controlled and treated. Epilepsy Care Clinic is at the forefront of epilepsy care offering a unique service for patients in Egypt.

Epilepsy Care Clinic has an unmatched team of neurologists and pediatric neurologists trained at the Cleveland Clinic, University of Edinburgh and University of Rome (Prof. Hoda Tomoum, Prof Rania Shatla, Dr. Sherif Elwan, Dr. Mostafa Awadh, Dr. Karim Ashraf). They are supported by team of technicians trained in Germany (University of Saarland) and in Egypt experienced in performing thousands of EEG studies.

We provide a complete range of routine and advanced EEG services, as well as expert diagnosis and treatment of all epilepsies.


How is epilepsy diagnosed?

Epilepsy is diagnosed clinically and through EEG (electroencephalography). Knowing if a person is having a seizure and diagnosing the type of seizure or epilepsy syndrome can be difficult. There are many other disorders that can cause changes in behavior and can be confused with epilepsy. Since the treatment of seizures depends on an accurate diagnosis, making sure that a person has epilepsy and knowing what kind is a critical first step.

What happens during a seizure is one of the most important pieces of information. And, since seizures rarely happen in a doctor’s office, the information given to the doctor and other health care professionals by you or other witnesses is extremely important. Yet, even with accurate descriptions of events, other tests are needed to learn more about the brain, what is causing the events and where the problem is located.


EEG test for seizures in children

This video documents the steps to setting up and preparing for a lengthy EEG test in children.

Team Of Specialists

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